Willing yourself to bend is true strength.

– Lao-Tzu

When we run into resistance, we often act in such a way that supports the idea that we if we only push harder, we will be able to progress past the obstacle. Instead, Lao-Tzu offers that true power comes from our willingness to change course and flow with the changing circumstances of our world. As a student of yoga, I have felt this when I have met resistance in asanas and tried to push through the tightness, or the opposite when I am able to relax into my breath and soften. Often times it is not my body that bends, but it is my mind.

One thing for certain is that our world is in a constant state of flux. No matter what, we can be sure that things are going to change. Knowing this inevitable fact of life, we can either align ourselves with this flow or against it. We can embrace change as our ally, and choose to allow change to work through us, our projects, our work and our relationships in such a way that we are able to be renewed and inspired by the unending freshness and variety of life. However, I have also spent considerable amount of time energy resisting this change, denying the flow of life and therefore suffocating myself from the inspiration that is breathed into life by this constant sate of change.

If we waste our energy resisting what is, or trying to hold on to things as they are fading away, we steal our attention and energy away from the joy of life, and from our purpose or task at hand. Furthermore, if we can learn to use the power of change as a tool to help create and develop our goals and dreams, then we truly will be able to see more opportunities and be more open to exploring them when they do arise. Instead of randomness or the unexpected being seen as annoyances or obstacles, they are opportunities to explore a new way of seeing and possibly a new pathway of inspiration or creativity. At the very least, we can see them as opportunities to practice allowing our mind to bend instead of attempting to bend the world to our mind, cultivating more ease in our lives.